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11th International Exhibition of textile techniques Prague Patchwork Meeting.

3. 4. 2017


11th international exhibition of textile techniques Prague Patchwork Meeting was held during March 31st to April 2nd , 2017 in the Sports Center at Wellness Hotel STEP Praha  .


Even though during days when the exhibition was held a beautiful spring weather attracted rather  for outdoor activities, exhibition enjoyed great interest of visitors. On display here were collections of individual authors from around the world. We can mention, for example,   Israeli authors Shoshi Rimer and Bella Kaplan, an excellent designer and promoter of new techniques Pia Welsch, who presented her unique collection of kimonos and and together with 17 women from her quilt workshop created an unusual work for the project of the color wheel. Interesting collection offered Dutch quilters Hilda van Schaardenburg and Corinne Zambeek. We could admire the craftsmanship of silk in a log cabin quilts Brigitte Morgenroth. For the first time was presented the group STING (= stitch) from Norway. This year was introduced 27 new quilts created by quilters group from South Korea. These quilts that excelled in labor and precision processing have not been yet exhibited , and most authors were personally present at the exhibition.

The original installation on the theme MEN introduced Gudrun Heinz and Sarah Schultz. Stuff for Thought project dealt with the textile depiction of the problem of excessive consumer use of textiles. This year announced Patchwork Gilde Deutschland in cooperation with Bernina competition for children on the theme MY GARDEN. The competition is designed for the age group 6-18 years. The exhibition is touring and will gradually be installed in all participating countries. A new series Orient introduced small-format quilts with exotic themes , on the contrary the series on the topic Fragments of old Prague  brought the most famous and attractive places of old Prague. Czech group Art Quilt  Harbor  presented collection Trees in textile processing and TTT group (Ten To Twelve) brought a new collection dedicated to the anniversary of the Austro-Prussian War in 1866.

For several years, visitors to Prague Patchwork Meeting have an opportunity to see the premiere of a special collection Art Quilt Club CZ, for which is not announced theme, but compulsory material. In recent years, it was a floor cloth, fabric dyed with rust, fur, lace, wool, silk, denim, and material for this year was velvet. In the next year we can enjoy the collection, which is based on the compulsory material tweed. For inspiration beginners were prepared 15 the best basic quilts.

Competition on the theme of the collection STRUCTURE was aimed at rendering the textile surface, while competition CURVES supposed mastery traditionally sewn curves. On the stands of the companies run presentations of sewing and embroidery machines, demonstrations of various textile techniques, courses for beginners and workshops led by renowned Czech and foreign authors. Shops in the sales section offered a large selection of materials, equipment, textile accessories, beads, decorations, colors on textiles and knitting yarn.

The main part of the Saturday afternoon program was traditionally the fashion shows of studios Šlocarová  and Apták. They were followed by the announcement of the winners in the contest on the topic  STRUCTURES and competition on the theme CURVES. A few years ago the youngest mannequins showed painted T-shirts and clothing and their performance showed a slight uncertainty when they appeared at the fashion show, "pier", accompanied by their older colleagues. This year, their performances exuded not only certainty, but also a lot of enthusiasm and energy that passed to visitors and during the fashion show, which was supplemented by short dance creations,  prevailed very pleasant atmosphere and the  audience appreciated performance of young  mannequins  with strong applause. Along with the girls stood out also two adults women and two men mannequins.