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Italia in miniatura 2015


Italy is a beautiful country with plenty of natural and architectural treasures which are worth seeing. If you complain that you do not have enough time to see them all, you can visit the theme park Italia in miniatura near the famous resort of Rimini. The park was opened in 1970 and at an area of 85,000 square meters you can admire 273 models of Italian and European architectural gems. Worth mentioning for instance Leaning Tower of Pisa, Milan Cathedral, Colosseum in Rome or Basilica of St. Peter.



We enjoyed walking among the models of buildings, where the bridges raise, trains are passing by, planes are taking off and landing, watching navigating ships. We could also listen to the performances of musicians at the model of Verona arena. An unforgettable experience indeed was boating cruise on the Grand Canal in Venice, where on both sides we could look at palaces, the boat sailed under typical Venetian bridges and we admired the beauty of the buildings. During the cruise, you are photographed and you can buy the photos at the exit from the grounds of Venezia.

When you enter at an Italian square (Piazza Italia) you can hear the sound of bells. If you have courage, do not miss a ride in a wooden log canoe down the water slides. Relaxation and fun you can find at the castle, where you can "shoot" from the water cannons. On hot summer days the water spray during the siege of the castle is a pleasantly refreshing, and not only children enjoy this attraction. Near the castle you can view colourful parrots in the center Pappamondo .
If you get into small cars, you take a journey not only for the famous wooden puppet Pinocchio, but you also meet other popular fairy tale characters. Do not worry even when the car enters into the mouth of a whale, be sure you return from a fabulous trip in good health. You may recall your childhood book Picocchio's adventures, where an Italian journalist and writer Carlo Collodi recounted stories of a wooden puppet boy Pinocchio carved by a lonely woodcarver Gepetto, which longed to become a real boy of flesh and blood.



Kids will find a number of other attractions, for example, children's playground (Scuola Guida), where they can pass intersections on cars, or test their readiness and skills in managing model cars on the racing track at Super Racing area.

In hot sunny weather is was useful that there are several drinking fountains or taps with drinking water within the area of park. Naturally, you can get refreshment in the shade of trees at stands offering drinks and sandwiches, ice cream, which can be found at several different locations around the grounds or taste a pizza or pasta at Ristorante Italia pizzeria, which is located to the left of the entrance gate. The menu is really rich.


Several pleasant gift shop attracts to buy a small gift or souvenir. We were interested in offer of the shop Corse Che Passione near the children's traffic playground, offering souvenirs for fans of Formula 1, caps, T-shirts shirts and accessories in red colour the products of companies Ferrari, Ducati and Valentino Rossi.

If you spend your holiday in Rimini or its surroundings we recommend you to visit this theme park It's an unforgettable experience.

And how can you find the way to this theme park Italia in Miniatura? From the railway station Rimini or Viserba you take bus number 8. Ticket price is EUR 1.30

Admission varies according to the season. Price in summer season is EUR 22 for adults and children's ticket price is EUR 16.



For more information see web page www.italiainminiatura.com



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