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Užhorod- town of the east with hearth of the west


Uzhhorod (Ukrainian: Ужгород, Ukrainian pronunciation: [ˈuʒɦɔrɔd]) is a city located in western Ukraine, at the border with Slovakia and near the border with Hungary. It is the administrative center of Zakarpattia Oblast (region), as well as the administrative center of the surrounding Uzhhorod Raion (district) within the oblast. The city itself is also designated as city of oblast significance, a status equivalent to that of a raion, and does not belong to Uzhhorod Raion. Population: 116,349 (2013 est.)].

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Erb města




Užhorod is town of great constrasts, however pleasant for tourist and hospitable particularly for Czech visitors. At present  there is direct link from Prague by train and bus, which makes the town easily accessible for a trip and sightseeing tour.

Carpatho-Ukraine was during  1918 - 1938 part of Czechoslovakia, and that is why we can find many places connected with the Czech history here. Especially with reference to the first president of the Czech republic T.G.Masaryk. The name of the town is derived from name of the river Už -  Užgorod  or Užhorod, which means  a city on the river Už. Thus our journey  lead from the bus station  to the river and downtown. To our surprise, we saw an inscription in Czech language “Jubilejní škola Masarykova 1932” (Masaryk's Jubilee School 1932”) on the local school as he was its founder. Not far from the school  there is bust of T.G. Masaryk and beautifully landscaped around the monument. All the buildings in the area were built in the time and at the instigation of  President Masaryk

Here our sightseeing tour began , but we had to return to the center and then ascend to Užhgorod Castle around the Church of the Holy Cross. Just below the church is located tourist information center, where you can get all information and  sometimes even in Czech language. In addtition, you can buy maps there and city map is available free of charge.

Another place of interest is memorial Maria Theresa opposite the church. We did not stay here for a long time and headed for the castle, if you need to ask for  journey we recommend to use word “zamok”. The dominant feature of the castle towering above the city is beautiful and even the walls with a tidy courtyard were a pleasant surprise. The admission fee is HR 25. You can visit all expositions of the castle learn about a history of Transcarpathian Ukraine, flora and fauna and much more. Then you can relax on a bench at a large courtyard with trees and grass  and view from the walls  the Carpathian Mountains and the center  of the town. About the Castle read more in a separate article.


Time available for one-day trip did not allow us to visit Skansen - Museum of the folk architecture of Transcarpatian Ukraine, situated next to the castle walls. We  went to a local market to buy cakes and coffee. The Market is in the heart of Užhorod and offers honey, fruit, pastries, meat. We bought here small snacks with coffee at price of 5 HR.  Then we continued to the area around theater  by the footbridge over the river. This is the centre of town indeed, where  inhabitants meets, sip coffee in local cafes and restaurants. On  podium  artists regularly perform and during our visit the orchestra played well known melodies to delight the audience and the passers-by.





Autumn sun and the river below us created  atmosphere of peace and quiet. We walked  across the footbridge to another  church this was the Orthodox church , which we could see from the castle. Typical large domes are for Central European great spectacle and such a huge complex in the middle of the bustling city is even greater experience.


Orthodox church

The city is pleasant, but the sidewalks and roads are somewhere in pretty bad condition. We could see cars manufactured since 1970 until the present days. Taxi and “Maršutka” carry visitors around the city. Sometimes you feel a special smell of petrol from old cars. However, through the center you can walk. You meet here  stray dogs quite offen. But they are not aggressive, and some  of them bears dog-tags and they wait for caress from locals. It is probably the atmosphere of the town.

Marshrutka is a widespread type of public transport, especially in countries of the former Soviet Union. These are shared taxis that run on a set route, but at irregular intervals, sometimes departs from a stop only when it is fully occupied


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