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Places on the route of the Posázavský pacifik invites you for a visit


On the traditional route of the Posázavský pacifik will go steam train drawn by locomotive series 434.2 nicknamed "Čtyřkolák” (four-wheeler"). But on this route there is a regular train service as well. Therefore we can visit places of interest even without using the steam train. The steam train ride itself is an great atraction, but the ride in small motor-coach train is also experience for both adults and children passengers. The trip is enhanced by the wonderful views of the valley of the river Sázava. Train passes through several tunnels and it also ride on the Žampach viaduct. This bridge is 41.5 meters high, and its length is 110 meters and it spans a gorge called Kocour (Puss.) The entire railway route was completed in 1900.


Žampach viaduct

If we do not intend to reach the final station, at other stops we can visit for instance Museum of gold mining at Jílové u Prahy, there is a trail of St.Joseph Golden adit available at reduced price of admission with a ticket from the steam train. St.Joseph adit is one of many significant mining work situated in part of Jílové Gold Mining District - Kocour lode zone. The adit was drawn on one of the oldest maps of the Jílové district dating back to 1718. Total length of tunnels known is 280 m (200 m of which are accessible). Contour of the tunnels is inclined corresponding of deposit rocks (metabasites), with a slight slope towards the river Sázava


Týnec castle

If we get off the train in Týnec nad Sázavou there are two main places of interest: Týnec castle, the oldest written reference of which dates from 1318 and its foundation dates back many years earlier in the 11th century. From the Týnec castle was preserved Romanesque rotunda from the 11th century and castle prismatic watchtower from the second half of the twelfth century. To these was added Romanesque residential palace , probably in the late 12th century, which gradually disappeared and in its place now stands a baroque palace with a museum and exhibition space.
Another place of interest are ruins of Zbořený Kostelec castle situated above the river Sázava.






Preview of picture in folder Zbořený Kostelec hradní zřícenina


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