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This year the spa Lázně Slatinice celebrates it‘s 490th anniversary, having come onto the scene as far back as 1526.  It is the oldest spa in Moravia, and one of the first in what is today the Czech Republic.  Slatinice Spa use sulphur springs in combination with specialised medical care and physiotherapy rehabilitation programme.

The commune of Slatinice with around 1500 inhabitants lies in the amazingly peaceful rolling countryside beneath the magical Kosíř massif in the Olomouc district of the magical Haná region and is almost equidistant from the major centres of Prostějov and Olomouc. 

A brief history

From the very first guest things developed slowly.  In 1714 there were seven rooms. Growth was slow, often limited by the wet soil and the sometimes frenetic building activities of the landowning Liechtenstein family. After years of virtual stasis under the Communist regime the spa was registered as non-state owned soon after  the Velvet Revolution.  It catered to both in- and out-patients while offering a full range of spa treatments.  The whole facility was purchased by Jiří Vybíral and his sons in the year 2000.  By 2009 a specialised treatment facility had been initated and capacity was increased to from 30 to 40 beds.  Further development came with the step-by-step reconstruction of the thermal houses Mánes, Hanačka, Morava and Balnea - this last residence being rated *** - ****.  In 2014 the second half of the Balnea was equipped with modern swimming-pool and restaurant facilities which today serve as the main dining area for guests and patients


The Present 

The modern Saunový svět (World of Sauna) came on stream in 2015, incorporating a thermo-sauna and private spa, while the Gallery dedicated to Czech painter Zdeněk Burian featuring much of this famous illustrator’s works was opened in the same year and also the Penzion Majorka (a reconstructed art nouveau house and stable) with 33 beds a bakery which serves as an ideal spot for private groups or corporate events and wedding parties and an elegant VIP apartment in the style of the First Republic upstairs.  Also on the premises are conference facilities.  Although buffet breakfast is served, no treatments take place here, for these are undertaken in the main sources of the sulphur spa and the Balnea residence, a short walk of just a couple of hundred metres from here.  In May this year the spa was successfully given an accreditation approval, the first such in the Czech Republic.


Altogether there are now four treatment houses (known as Lázeňské Domy = LD) on the whole spa premises, while LD Morava - first mentioned in 1714 - stands at the main historical centre of the spa.  This house now has its own restaurant and offers a wide variety of treatments as well as conference facilities and sulphur baths.  A long list of ailments can be treated here, with procedures coming in the form of hydrotherapy, compresses, wet packs, oxygenothearapy, lymphodrenage, taping, acupuncture and so on.  Both classic and exotic treatments are offered, all on the basis of the sulphur baths found here. 

Customers here come mainly from the Czech Republic, which can be put down to the relative distance from the borders.  As is usually the case in this country, patients mostly come via the insurance companies, although many come privately.  However, insurance companies are all the while becoming stricter as regards the many clients who have traditionally gone annually for a few weeks of rehabilitation procedures and good social life, often in groups.  However, by specialising, this spa hopes the insurance companies will still continue to send patients with specific problems to centres such as this.



Special features include computerised kinesiology (Cok).  What is this?  This is a system whereby the computer monitors motion, serving the diagnostic and curative function of body-movement malfunction in a way that x-rays cannot.  Long weekends with this treatment can be recommmended for patients with acute or chronic problems with their mobility, back aches and joint pains, acute lumbago, arthritis, asthma, weakened immunity, after suffering injuries, respiratory or gynecological problems or simply bad posture, among others. 



Slatinice also specialises in caring for patients after transplants or cardio-surgery, those suffering from skin disorders, oncological diseases, nervous disorders, whilst the spa also concentrates on rehabilitation after heart attacks or strokes, matters which can often be very tricky to treat.   

Altogether the spa caters to over 6,000 patients offering more than 100 procedures.

The main reason for the spa being here is, of course, the water.  This is very drinkable, even with its strong sulphurous odour and taste, worth getting used to, being especially beneficial for the digestion system.

Apart from the treatments, one should not forget the many places of interest to visit in this attractive part of Haná.  In Slatinice, apart from the already mentioned museum dedicated to the work of Zdeněk Burian, is a vintage-car museum, and in March the opening of the spa season takes place with a procession led by an historical coach.  At nearby Čechy pod Kosířem is a château, once owned by a Portuguese noble family, rare enough in this part of the world, with a museum dedicated to the much-loved films of Jan and Zdeněk Svěrák, having also fine gardens within the 21.5 hectare landscaped park.  This château enchanted the painter Josef Mánes who became a regular visitor in the mid-nineteenth century.  Also here is a privately owned museum of historic coaches and a firefighing museum.  Above this is an observation post on the heights of Velký Kosíř (humorously known by the locals as the Mont Blanc of Haná), part of the natural park of the same name, which in favourable weather offers a fine view as far as the Praděd mountain.



So, all in all, an accredited spa with many procedures and different treatments, for individuals and corporate clients, who make up a good portion of visitors, set in a quiet and very attractive part of the country.  Here individual care is dedicated to each patient and offers,  apart from a wide range of procedures, a variety of treatment methods as well as choices of  accommodation, like weekends of long-term aimed at social events, sport, outdoor activities,   gastronomy and culture.

Web  - www.lazneslatinice.cz


Text a foto:  John L. Baker



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