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The Baťa chanel invites to spend week-end or holiday


There are not many places which enables to combine many activities and one them is the Baťa canal. Hiking, biking, boating and last but not least visiting the sights and places of entertainment such as wine cellars called “ budy” , surroundings of the Baťa canal invite you to spend your holiday or the weekend.



At first, a little bit of history of the canal. Organisationally and technically demanding construction was carried out from 1934 to 1938. The total length of traffic routes was 51, 8 kms, 1 km of which run in the riverbed of now unnavigable the Dřevnice river and some parts in river bed of the Morava river. Canal could have been used even by barges of load-carrying capacity of 150 tonnes. The navigation depth was 1.5 m. The route started at the port of Otrokovice and ended at Rohatce at lighnite transship point. Ships had to sail through the 14 locks that helped overcome the differences in height levels. However, during the World War II. the canal was heavily damaged by German troops, and immediately after the war Baťa's factories were nationalized . Freight transport was due to unprofitabilty terminated in the early sixties. In 2002 was established association Bata Canal, which is involved in the organization of the operation, runs an information center and supports entrepreneurs whose activities relate to the development of tourism along the canal. At present, Bata Canal is renowned tourist waterway with a length of 53 kms.


So much of the history and now several words about the present of this canal. During the weekend we made a small trip on a boat on the canal and we also visited the castle in Uherský Ostroh. On the largest ship Danaj we set off for cruise from the port in Veseli nad Moravou. First, on the canal and then on the Morava river. During a calm ride down the river you can have refreshments and an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air or stay hidden from the raw weather at lower deck.
First, we set out from the port and slowly getting to the canal , the speed is limited to 8 km per hour. We get to the top deck and watch the canal surroundings. Just on the right side we can see the drain, which was filling and irrigation system around this unique waterway. Regulated canal and the Morava river with an average depth of 1.5 meters offers 13 locks along the way and a drawbridge. We are entering into the lock slowly and watch how the level equalizes. The size of the locks remained the same as it was during construction of the canal. And so we can elize what was the size of the boat at that time.

The water levels equalized and we continue along the river where we saw fishermen. This is another activity on the canal. We intended to visit Uherský Ostroh with a castle so we anchor and leave the ship.. Cruises from Vesel í na Moravě are available both on demand and on regular routes. Of course, other ports and harbors, also offer rental boats, barges and houseboats.
Therefore, I recommend this trip or vacation on the Baťa canal and the surrounding area.


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