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Uherský Ostroh


In town Uherský Ostroh there is a castle which offers three guided tours. However, if you descend to the underground of this historical monument, you are not sure if you will be able to return. It's such a mysterious and mythical tour with a excitement and tension. And other places of the tour such as the tower and castle gallery are very interesting as well.




The town situated by the Morava river and the Baťa canal has the castle and therefore seeks new opportunities of tours.. The original castle in Uherský Ostroh also called Stenice or Ostrov (island) was founded probably sometime after 1260 by King Přemysl Otakar II. and Lords of Kunovice, Later during the 16th century, the castle was rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau. Today it houses the municipal authority.
Now we take a tour round the castle, as we did last week. Before we get into the mysterious underground, we climb up to the castle tower. We step on a beautiful and comfortable staircase slowly up with a stop at the historic rooms. Here we can see the oldest room at the castle a rare Gothic vaults with consoles recently discovered as well as an exhibition of historical toys from the collection of the Komínkovi maried couple. There we can admire toys of our grandfathers and grandmothers, but also toys from the end of the last century. After enjoying the exhibition, we come to the tower where dominates the machine of clock tower with views through the glass clock faces. From there is a wonderful view over Ostrožsko. When visibility is good, you can even see the nearby castle Buchlov, which rises majestically above the mountains Chřiby. The view is of all four cardinal points.



Výhled z věže   


And after we descent from the tower we find ourselves in front of the castle and now we enter the castle basement. It has been unused for decades. In 2013 there was introduced the first exposition Crystal Cave and the whole exhibition this year. It is a rare project, which is unique in the Czech Republic. Gradually from the gloom and rooms illuminated in colour you go through and the guide will take you to another dimension of the world. Each room has its own name and story – e.g. Crystal Cave, Memory of the World - Atlantis , Planet unicorns Lukuma. Mystery and images and the opportunity to participate actively in the tour involves the visitor into story. You really feel like being in another world and you wonder who will during the tour reach another dimension, as the tour guide announces at the beginning of the tour.


We leaving the basement and as we came out the sun blinds us. We have a lot of new experiences and we will not forget the castle Uherský Ostroh.




ČERVEN - ZÁŘÍ Úterý - Neděle: 9.00 - 17.00

KVĚTEN, ŘÍJEN Sobota - Neděle: 9.00 - 17.00, v pracovní dny pouze na objednání

LISTOPAD - DUBEN Pouze na objednání

CENA VSTUPNÉHO: 60 Kč dospělí, 30 Kč děti, studenti, důchodci




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